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1 week ago

Harmony Chinese Takeaway Review: A service like no other!


We were not surprised with the previous reviews about Harmony Chinese Takeaway because all praises about the takeaway restaurant were genuinely accurate.

Many people loved this takeaway because it serves top notch Chinese food. No overblown menu with overblown prices and no trendy street food pretensions. They were one of those ordinary and humble stores you would see on streets. However, Harmony offers great service like no other Chinese takeaway. Reviews claim that it was not easy to find such good takeaway restaurant.

When it was our first time to order at Harmony, we saw how friendly the staffs were. We ordered chicken and noodle soup, honey dew chicken wings, salt and garlic chips and egg fried rice. Surprisingly, all the foods we ordered were very delicious! After then, we promised to come back again to the place every time we crave for tasty Chinese foods.

We were aware of the negative reviews about Harmony Chinese Takeaway and we believed that most of those responses came from people who were expecting an extravagant place with the same level of lavishness as a luxury Chinese restaurant. Well, if that’s your thing, look elsewhere. As mentioned earlier, its exterior and interior were simple but their service and food were great. 

One of my friends who doesn't like tofu before suddenly loved the C8 Ma Po Tofu of Harmony Chinese Takeaway after she tasted it once. She’s now addicted to it. We were always grateful to taste good Chinese foods at a simple town. 

The delivery was fast unlike other Chinese takeaways and it has polite service. The menu has a good range and a few nice surprises. The food was always amazingly cooked and piping hot. Travelers who came from faraway places tried this takeaway restaurant and they commended the food because it was just as good as its service.

2 months ago

Frank Owens Limited Home Building Industry: Credit Rating



Credit Risk Update: FRANK OWENS LTD, 50 MAIN STREET, LIMAVADY, CO L'DERRY. Public houses and bars. The legal status is a Private Limited Company and the current status at the registry of companies is Active. The last filed accounts are dated 31 March 2015. The company was incorporated on 18 November 2002. 

The accounts next due date is 31 December 2016. There are no mortgages. 

The above was based on public record information as at 14 August 2016 and may not reflect the current status. Please access the current report to ascertain the current status and credit rating.

FRANK OWENS LTD business sector includes beer gardens (independent), beer gardens (managed), beer gardens (tenanted), beer halls (independent), beer halls (managed), beer halls (tenanted), licensed bars (independent), licensed bars (managed), licensed bars (tenanted), licensed victualler (independent), licensed victualler (managed), licensed victualler (tenanted), naafi clubs, public houses (independent), public houses (managed), public houses (tenanted), taverns (independent), taverns (managed), taverns (tenanted).

Registered Number: NI044715
Date Incorporated: 18 November 2002
Date Latest Accounts: 31 March 2015

Legal Form:
Private Limited Company
Previous Names: None
Registered Number: NI044715
Annual Return: 18 November 2015
SIC Code and Operations: 56302 - Public houses and bars

Number of Mortgages: 0
Satisfied Mortgages: 0
Part Satisfied Mortgages: 0
Unsatisfied Mortgages: 0

3 months ago

Investing in commercial property, benefits by Bacall Development

Safety is the main reason why some people invest in commercial property since it's the main interest of many. Based on recent reviews, commercial property will still perform for you even if the economy slows down, unlike in residential property. And when the economy is strong, commercial property increases its value and gives you a stable income.

But if you're still in doubt or just planning to start out in this venture, Bacall Development explains the benefits you can gain from investing in commercial property through the following paragraphs to help you make up your mind. The firm is a full-service commercial real estate company that has been involved in this field for decades.

Strong returns are not a surprise to some when it comes to commercial property. You can gain both income and capital growth in a commercial property since it provides strong and reliable returns. However, making a quick gain shouldn't be your only objective because this endeavor requires great effort and patience. You should take advantage of a growing investment over time where you can get a return consistently above inflation.

Aside from higher returns, commercial property is oftentimes more secure - a crucial point to others that can result in a steady income. Leasing commercial real estate usually ranges from three to ten years as opposed to short-term leases of residential properties.

Because of the mentioned benefits above, reviews state that the risk is lesser if you invest in commercial property than in residential property or the stock market. This data is based on overall analysis of both properties.

According to Bacall Development and its associates, commercial property can catch the attention of different sectors in the economy. Because of the dependence of retail property on consumer spending trends, it has the highest direct relationship to the economy, along with industrial properties. Office buildings are most likely to perform depending on long-term supply and demand. Exposure to various sectors can deliver great benefits to you and to avoid fraud as well.

Acquiring tax benefits is imaginable with a commercial property. Most commercial properties attract handy building allowances as well as depreciation allowances on plant equipment within the building.

Protection against inflation is also one of the benefits of investing in commercial property. Reviews reveal that commercial property has been considered as a good protection against inflation over the years. It has a good record of outpacing inflation over a long period of time.

Investment control? Yes, it's possible. You have a significant level of control over your investment in case you're an owner of a direct property. You have control on various areas such as change of use for the property, disposal, redevelopment, renovations, the terms of the lease, the type of tenant, and upgrading.

Furthermore, you have the ability to add value in a commercial property investment through improvement of the appearance, renovation, lease restructure, subdivision or enlargement, and upgrade. You can further leverage your commercial investments as you improve the property and it grows in value. By borrowing more against your improved equity, you can quickly be in a position to control a sizeable portfolio of properties.

However, Bacall Development needs you to know that there are still disadvantages in owning commercial properties. What are mentioned above could be the total opposite to others based on their individual experience. The firm suggests that you must choose the right commercial property to have a strong capital growth and gain a great rental return. You must know what makes a good commercial property.

5 months ago

Eric Hamilton Marsden Restorers: Tips on how to blend antique furniture with modern furniture

Nowadays, almost every homeowner prefer modern furniture because of its clean style and sometimes because of its dual function. But Eric Earl Hamilton Marsden Furniture Restorers sees it’s also possible to mix and match modern furniture with antique home furniture because it could turn out into something astonishing. With enough creativity, combining both modern and antique furniture could add more distinct vibe to your home. If you're interested in some tips, here are some important pointers by Eric Earl Hamilton Marsden Furniture Restorers that could help you make this combination work.

Put new antique and vintage pieces to add life to your home

A room with only modern furniture can be dull-looking, so the addition of antique and vintage furnishings can add glamor to it. You can look at Eric Earl Hamilton Marsden Furniture Restorers's previous post about looking for a good vintage shop to help you find the right shop for your interests. After shopping for the vintage furniture that you like, find the right spot in your house where you can put it. Antique and vintage furniture can serve as good accessories in your home because it could break the monotonous aura it once has.

Use antique furnishings with different designs

Trying to set up your home to show only a certain era in history is boring, it's better to show that you've been collecting different pieces throughout the years. It would be amazing to see different antique and vintage furniture in your home that has unique designs. This could also avoid conflict between your modern home furnishings and the kind of antique set that you have in mind.

Make a repetitive pattern or a common color scheme

Things could also work out if you use repetition through a pattern or a common color scheme in designing your modern and antique furnishings. It's not that hard to make different pieces of furniture complement each other because there are a lot of ways available to accomplish this, including choosing a common color scheme for the pieces that you’re going to put in a particular room. It's also possible to draw one's vision to specific items inside that room by applying repetition such as in the fabric's pattern or using an accent color or a palette.

Use oversized antique furniture to create the illusion of more space

You could make your room look bigger by using oversized antique pieces. Modern furniture combined with huge antique and vintage furniture could look great if matched properly. Consider this tip especially when you are redecorating your house because it could be helpful to you and can be used to your advantage and to avoid fraud carefully check all furniture first before finalizing to make a purchase online .

Repurpose some of your antique and vintage furniture

After several years, a specific piece may have served its purpose to your home, so it's time for you to change it into something new. Make some huge alterations in the way your home looks like by doing this method. For example, you can turn your antique bed into a beautiful bench, or you can hang your old drawers on the wall and use them as shelves. Don't keep a furniture in one room forever and give your place a whole new appearance once in a while.

If you're into mixing and matching things, then combining modern and antique furniture in your home would be an exciting treat for you. You must be comfortable in your design and make sure that it could captivate your family and friends. Most antique furniture is known for their well-built feature and their distinct look is really good that's why several homeowners prefer those pieces to be in their home. Just let your creativity do the job, simply make sure to maintain a good balance between your modern furniture and antique furnishings.


5 months ago

Easy Steps to Include Social Media into Sales Promotions by Bacall Associates

The tremendous impact of social media has brought to the business arena is phenomenal and Bacall Associates has been witnessing this phenomenon over the years. A social media campaign could add a cutting-edge facet to traditional sales promotions. Many customers prefer social media in looking for trusted reviews of different people about a particular service or product.


A well-designed social media campaign can be a powerful and effective sales tool as it enables your business to develop continuing relationships with your target audience and followers, and improve your understanding towards their needs.


Getting social media success usually includes a long process, particularly in small businesses, so you must flourish your profiles first and develop a genuine relationship with your business followers before easing into any type of sales promotions. The following are some of the easy suggestions prepared by Bacall Associates where you can use social media to your sales promotions.


Select the best platform for your business


Understanding on where you’re being found by your prospective customers on social media can assist you in determining on which platform you’re going to use for your brand. You can request your marketing team to report this information to you. But in the end, the platform should match your target audience. If your business is focused towards promotions and B2B then LinkedIn is an ideal option for you, but if you're aimed towards the consumer market then Facebook is for you.


Build a trustworthy image


This will not be easy, but you must do your best to build your business' creditability. You can begin with creating a professional profile and see to it that your posts and updates are discussion-worthy with only a small percentage of being directly promotional posts.


Properly handle gathered information


Social media provides an enormous quantity of data about qualified leads. A well-designed campaign using a combination of promo codes can provide many in-depth data, which is why most social media sites offer analytics to examine these data for future campaigns. It's important to correctly handle the data once these leads have been gathered.


Sell using social media


You can also achieve effective selling with social media. It is the best for daily deals or acts now offers. Encourage immediate action from your followers and motivate them to interact and share the offer, just make sure that it is a great deal to begin with so that they will be interested in sharing it. 


If properly implemented, Bacall Associates is convinced that social media sites can be an excellent addition to your marketing and sales toolkits. Since 1994, the Bacall team has been providing comprehensive public relations, marketing communications, and sales promotion services to their customers.

6 months ago

Bacall Associates Travel Singapore - Review: 7 tips to plan a memorable getaway trip

During holidays, you're probably thinking of having a vacation trip with your family to create fun memories with them, right? As one of the experts in travel, Bacall Associates sees this as a great opportunity for you and your family to relax yourselves, so you should make this trip into reality.


The Bacall team provided the following to help you plan your holiday trip:


Create a travel journal


Having your own travel journal can help you organize things needed in your getaway because all data are kept in one place. A handwritten journal is preferred by many because it gives an emotional experience than an electronic journal; whatever you write there will be important to you and you will see your thoughts in your writing, which can make memories to each and every page. Handwritten journals provide stronger impression than electronic journals.


Pick your top travel destinations


Write down the destinations you like in your journal, and if you end up with a long list, try eliminating places one by one until you’re left with your top three. Bacall Associates needs you to have a short list so that it will be easier for you to choose which one is the best for your holiday trip whether traveling in Singapore, Japan or any United Kingdom.


Study each place on the list


Know everything you can about each place in your list and note every important detail you can find to help you compare them a lot more carefully. You can use Google or Bing to your research or ask your relatives or close friends for any information about each location.


Know the weather condition


When you're done choosing your final destination for your holiday trip, you should then consider the weather condition of that place during the time of your travel. Is it going to be a warm or a cold weather once you get there? You should match your clothing to the weather then make a list of clothes you're going to bring, along with a list of toiletries and cosmetics you need.


Pack light


In case you end up with a lot of things to carry, try removing items that aren't really needed for your trip. Avoid bringing things that are quite expensive because you'll only worry about their safety. If it’s possible, you should pack light because the less you have, the less stressed you will be.


Book in advance


You’ve seen this tip on several articles before and Bacall Associates also consider this to be very cost-effective. You should make your travel arrangements well in advance to get great discounts.


Contact a professional


If necessary, you should contact a professional travel agent because their expert help can give you the reassurance that everything will be alright in case something goes wrong. All the reservations your travel agent made on your behalf should be written in your journal.

Bacall Associates now in Singapore suggests that you should stay composed all the time and don't stress yourself too much so that you will surely enjoy your getaway trip with your family and build unforgettable memories with them, which you can cherish forever.

6 months ago

Hill & Associates Security Risk Management: All of Asia, in our reach

Hong Kong                                                         


Hill & Associates Ltd.

Room 1701-08

Tower 2, Times Square

1 Matheson Street

Causeway Bay

Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2802 2123

Fax: +852 2802 2133



Hill & Associates (PRC) Ltd.

6A, Huamin Empire Plaza

No. 728 Yan An Road (W)

Shanghai 200050


Tel: +86 21 5238 5599

Fax: +86 21 5237 1693



Hill & Associates India Pvt. Ltd.

Tower A, 5th Floor

Unitech Cyber Park, Sector 39

122002, Gurgaon, Haryana


Tel: +91 124 454 5454

Fax: +91 124 406 0137



PT Hill Konsultan Indonesia

Gedung Setiabudi 2

Lt. 3A, Suite 3A05

Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said Kav. 62

Karet Setiabudi

Jakarta Selatan, 12920


Tel: +62 21 522 8811

Fax: +62 21 522 1165



Hill Risk Consulting (M) Sdn. Bhd.

Lot 4 & 6, Jalan 225, Section 51A

46100 Petaling Jaya




Tel: +603 7960 2988

Fax: +603 7960 5312



Hill & Associates Risk Consulting (S) Pte. Ltd.

51 Cuppage Road #10-18

Singapore 229469


Tel: +65 6738 1278

Fax: +65 6738 0187



Hill Risk Consulting (Thailand) Ltd.

139 Sethiwan Tower

6th Floor Room C

Pan Road Silom

Bangrak Bangkok 10500


Tel: +66 2635 1919

Fax: +66 2635 1911



The Representative Office of Hill

Risk Consulting (Thailand) Ltd. in

HCMC Vietnam

Unit 212, 2nd Floor

Harbour View Tower

35 Nguyen Hue Street

District 1, Ho Chi Minh City


Tel: +84 8 3915 3353



7 months ago

Dr. Richard Isaacs Specializes in Head and Neck Surgical Oncology

The head and the neck are two body parts we rarely give so much thought to; ironically it seems, for the mind finds its home right at the top of the first which, in turn, is supported by the second. Obviously, it is only when we feel pain on these parts that we think of them as ever providing us vital functions without which we would not exist at all or, at least, lead normal lives.


The neck bones and the skull which are connected to each other provide the structure for the two organs to function and to interrelate. Aside from providing support, the neck contains vital parts which allow us to breathe, use language, to sing, to ingest food, to rotate the head and to allow passage for electrical energy and biochemical substances which complete the entire bodily system necessary for human life.


As well, the head contains the brain and all the basic senses we utilize to function as intelligent living beings. Except for the heart and lungs which provide essential functions for the brain to function well, the brain can be said to be the prime motor which allows the whole body to accomplish all that it was designed to do fundamentally or achieve potentially. Intellectual genius and athletic prowess would not at all be possible without the brain, supported by all other faculties and organs, doing a big part of the work.


Together, the head and neck form a formidable pair which often requires serious medical attention because of damage or diseases.  Some of the more or less serious conditions which beset this pair which require surgery are the following:


1. Tumors or cancers

2. Benign and malignant disease of the thyroid

3. Benign masses of the head and neck



The following procedures are taken to address the above and other conditions as well:


1. Anterior and Lateral Skull Base surgery

2. Diagnosis of head and neck cancers through endoscopy and laryngeal videostroboscopy

3. Use of laser resection of head and neck malignancies

4. Treatment of all head and neck skin cancers, such as carcinoma and melanoma

5. Microvascular Free-Tissue Transfer Reconstruction

6. Medical and Surgical Treatment of Thyroid and Parathyroid masses/disorders


Dr. Isaacs possesses broad experience and know-how in handling these medical conditions. He has Advanced Certification in Head and Neck Oncologic Surgery, making him one of the best practitioners available for patients suffering the said problems. When it is about the head and neck, leave it to Dr. Rich to think and worry about as he has a way of helping your needs with professional medical care. At the least, he will take much of the burden of thinking how to resolve your problem medically. That can certainly remove a lot of pressure and worry from your own mind to begin with.

7 months ago

2016 Honda FourTrax Recon ES - Al Lamb's Dallas Honda

Al Lamb's Dallas Honda 2016 Recon is the smaller, more convenient, utility ATV that is the smart choice for many riders. Sometimes the big, bulky, heavy, ATV isn’t the correct choice for your trail riding or work duties — that’s why Honda makes the FourTrax Recon. It is still a strong, versatile, powerful ATV, but it was built to maneuver through places and do work that other, larger, ATV’s are incapable of.


With its two-wheel drive 250–class engine, the Recon was built to work using abundant low-rpm torque and power. New to the 2016 model is a completely redone reverse lever and parking brake, to make it easier to use and more intuitive


The Recon ES is everything that comes with the standard Recon model, while adding an electric shift capability to the handlebar.

7 months ago

Dr Howard Marans: Is Knee Arthritis Treatment Covered By Insurance?


The symptoms of arthritis can negatively affect daily living routines. Arthritis creates pain, swelling, and stiffness in the joints. When a person has arthritis in one or both knees, everyday activities become extremely difficult.

Knee Arthritis Treatment

Even though arthritis is incurable, finding options to manage the painful symptoms will aid in staying active. Various factors including the degree of degeneration will help determine the best type of knee arthritis treatment for each individual.



Medical Insurance

The costs of knee arthritis treatment will vary with each person’s particular insurance policy coverage. Calling the medical insurance provider’s customer service representative will help determine the amount of coverage a patient has for knee arthritis treatment. Each health insurance policy is different. Specific guidelines for knee arthritis treatment may need to be followed for the utmost medical insurance coverage compensation.

•Prior recommendation and referral from the family or primary physician
•The orthopedic specialists must be within the medical insurance care network
•Co-pays or deductibles may be part of the out of pocket costs as outlined in the insurance policy
•Non-surgical measures may first need to be implemented prior to surgery costs coverage

Non-Surgical Options

Under many insurance policies, surgical options are often viewed as the last resort in knee arthritis treatment. An accurate diagnosis is the first step in determining the type of individualized knee arthritis treatment.
Unless the degree of degeneration is too severe, a patient will typically begin treatment with non-surgical options to relieve the symptoms.

•Over the counter or prescription drugs to reduce inflammation and pain
•Corticosteroid or hyaluronic acid injections
•Weight management to help reduce the pressure and stress on the knee joints
•Physical therapy to strengthen the muscles around the knee to help improve movement and flexibility
•Walking aids or a cane to help support stability during movement
•Knee brace to provide extra support

Located in Orange County, Dr. Howard Marans strives to return a patient back to a pain-free lifestyle. Dr. Marans will create an individualized knee treatment approach. Each step in the medical treatment program will be explained in great detail to allow the patient time to ask questions. Following each step of the patient’s progress, Dr. Marans will implement a precise execution for knee arthritis treatment approach.


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